If you’re thinking of ways to provide some entertainment for your wedding guests then hiring a photobooth is a very popular option and always a lot of fun.

I remember seeing one for the first time at a wedding. I was absolutely amazed at the thing and it was so popular that there was literally a line of guests waiting patiently for their turn. When it came my turn to get married I was sure that we also hired a photo booth. Actually some of my favourite images from the day came taken in the photo booth. My gran wearing a red cowboy hat, not really realizing the concept of was a photo booth is! And the one of my new wife and my children all making faces! Much more fun than the usual smiling camera pictures!

Many years later there are many variations of the basic photo booth. The Magic mirror, or selfie pods. You can even get them in taxis and camper vans! It’s fair to say photo booths are just as popular as they’ve ever been. There’s also many photo booth companies either. It’s a competitive market and, based on my experiences, certain vendors are amazing. Others seem to be a flop. It’s therefore important to choose the best supplier. But how do you know for certain? In this post, I have decided to contact one of the most well recognized Photo booth companies in the country to lend us their knowledge regarding what you should consider prior to you book the services of a photo booth for your wedding! Here are top 5 things to consider before making a booking for the photo booth!


Always research, ensure that the business has several events to their credit and read their reviews. It should be possible quickly find reviews of a company via a quick search on google. Don’t be afraid to ask your company for assistance or recommendations on companies they’ve worked with previously. As a rule of thumb it is a good company to present on social media and on the internet will normally be the better business to work with. Never rush your decision and make sure to compare at minimum two companies to ensure you’re getting the best price for your requirements.


There are a myriad of booths available for hire, and they all vary in quality. Don’t get fooled by the notion into thinking that it’s a photo booth is a photo booth. Some booths use less quality cameras and some use fewer quality printers , so be careful. There are booths that come with cool features such as 360 spinners and animating GIF as well as video recordings as well as flipbook printing.

3. What is included in the PACKAGE?

Many companies offer the total cost for a specific number of hours , but make sure to double check whether there are any extra costs, such as the cost of printing or travel expenses. Many companies will provide a minimum package time and price. In general, this is around $500-800 for 3-4 hours. It should include everything you need such as props, prints, and a guest book. Also ensure that any costs for travel are included or are reasonable.


Did the company respond to your emails, phone calls, or inquiry in time? It is essential to trust a company and a good company should always make sure they will respond to customers as soon as possible. Never be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure of any information.

5. Have you seen examples of their work?

Go to their website and social media for photos, a business should be proud to show the results of their work, and a photo booth company should be no different. You could even request an example of the prints to be sent to you and ask for an image of the digital file. Make sure you’re happy.